Day out at New York

October 25, 2007

A well spent Sunday in the famous city of New York. It was quite an experience! The three some started with the New Jersey train service with with the train travelling right under the Hudson river and wow, the next moment you see light, you are in New York! Though the website is much better than our desi ones, but the trains give you a feel of sitting in the II class sitting trains. Once inNew York, we took a subway right to South Ferry, to the tip of city to greet the Liberty Lady. The subway is cool and extremely fast.. I am waiting for our Metro to start 🙂

We took a ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island next. The Liberty island is green and surrounded by water and tall buildings. The statue itself is tall and makes any visitor wonder about this wonder of the world! The island was full of tourists, I believe 50% were Indians 😉 is a true sight. The Ellis island mainly contains a museum and a nice coffee shop. The museum talks about how the inhabitants in their early days had to face the torture before they could put their step on the land of America. After the wonder, we decided to see the New York city all at the same time and reached the Empire state building. Once stepping out of the Penn station, we got the true feel of New York 🙂 .. The city ( I call it rectangular city) has horizontal streets and perpendicular to them the avenues! The Empire state building can be seen from a distance and allows you to see at distance. Right on 86th floor, the sight is just spectacular and guess what.. you see a tall building with GE written right on top of it and there  is an automatic smile on our faces!! The city of new york from the top and with lights looks like thousands of LED’s on a mother board and tiny toy cars moving around in all directions…  All done and said, but New York is incomplete without having visited Times Square. It is a different sight in itself! The tall lighted buildings and the amazing crowd.. it all adds up as to the perfect place to freak out.. ! Alas, it was late and we had to be back, but it was a day, I guess I shall remember till late..


A Beautiful Morning

March 14, 2007

The weather has changed
And i hope the change stays
Walking towards the office,
With the cool breeze blow,
Reminded that i am in bangalore
And not under blazing sun at daiict blow,

Trees and their flowers also seem so happy,
Coloured in pink and yellow,
They sway merrily,
Wishing me a very good morning!

And as if to welcome me
They bow and say
Walk young lady
And lay a pink carpet there..

Then i think
Why do i need
To go the mountains and the far off seas
When nature’s beauty lies here
Right in front of me..

I am thinkin !

February 28, 2007

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Hard Work Vs Smart Work

February 21, 2007

Shamelessly copied..

It’s always a big question in the Industry where I am working, or is it a common phenomenon? People, who do work as a duty, or rather as an obligation try to drag it till the end and end up in the swirl of procrastination. That embarks a journey of crib club..

If you work for what you believe, its not hard work! You will consider it hard work when it becomes an obligation. Alas, we don’t find entrepreneurs in every day of life, at least to the nonobservant eye. Probably they are the same people whom we tease as hard workers or the one who don’t find time to take for themselves. What we may not realize is that their enjoyment lies in work. A typical phenomenon I observe is that people believe that they work for their ends and there exists a fine line between personal enjoyment and professional work. Ask what effects personal enjoyment? I have strong objection to people who resign themselves to 12 hours of long work the moment they enter office campus. Neither do I have respect for canteen mongers, or the shirkers who pretend to work only when their boss lands at their cubicle.

One should have a balanced approach to work. Even if I love my job, there are certain finer aspects for which I pay attention to. Probably it’s my fav music, a book by bed side, a morning workout at the local gym or a walk by the wild side. That’s where smart work comes in. Engaging mind and body in what we love to do every moment. As my boss quotes often, “if you got no mood to work, don’t work lady. Coz U will spend 8 hours miserably doing what you can finish off in a couple of hours!” Quite true indeed! In this high tension world, where struggle for life is quite evident in every walk of life, one should realize oneself to the full potential. Being smart, managing priorities in the deliverables, intelligently balancing different aspects of life, being focused on career and emotional balance helps in a big way! Keeping a sense of humour about oneself and wearing heart on sleeve helps too.


February 19, 2007

The journey it is,
Started when I was a kid,
For a lot of years then,
I did not realize until when,

I just moved on,
On, just not to put it off,
With small time aims,
I fought to be all time game,

And now at this point,
which i feel is the turning point,
I want to find the destination
And to do away with the procrastination,

The problem which now seems defined,
Makes me feel all the more blind,
Shall I not do something in a short while
I shall also end like all the others in the line!

The Shoppers

February 9, 2007

Shopping is fun
And it is the season,
Everyone’s running a sale
And the rest running behind the sale!

Levis, Wrangler and Pepe
Weekender, Biba and Rig,
All throwing their stuff,
Some at one for one
And others shouting two for one

But its fun
To see people run,
Grab the garments
And wait outside the dressing room mum..

I and aru too had our stunt,
Went to central to have some fun,
Trying this and that,
Buying more than what is ever needed,

Then, when the cards are scratched,
The fun looses its momentum in a dash,
Making resolutions not to shop soon,
We come out and make plans to go again !

It’s Friday!!

February 9, 2007

Its a friday
And the mood is upright
In casuals,
The feel is like the *lab 204 side,

Thinking about random numbers,
And scheduling the threads,
Writing in pencil,
And not in pen…

Thought in between of all this,
To sneak out two lines,
Just to say hi to you
And wish u a morning bright!!

*lab 204 was my lab at DA-IICT

The Day – 2.2.02

February 6, 2007

Below are some lines remembering a one day trip in bbay with my all time pals..

Bright was the day
And bright was the colour of the car
The second day of Techfest
On the second of feb,

Six echoes set out
To spend a day;
A day to remember,
Rejoice and cherish;
Not one did know,
That no ordinary day it was
It was special in its way
With Rehman’s rhtdm sway..

Be it crossroads maze,
or nehru planetorium’s sky gaze,
Be it McD’s burger
or pizza at bhoomi’s mama’s place
somehow everything that day seemed so perfect!

Shopping the shoes or shirts,
Cropping the prices that hurt,
Roaming on juhu beach’s sands
Or riding the horses near the stand
It was all so much fun
One could not have asked for a better run..

But the best
Was that,
The music that lingers in my heart,
When i think of this day..
A day to remember, I say
I put it as one of my most memorable days :)) !!

Indeed an innovative idea!

February 2, 2007

It seems indeed a good idea what the iBridge people have come up with! Their motto is to free the good stuff from university research as per an article in Network World. The idea surely makes sense and would be useful to not only research students but also to enterpreuners and industry based research labs. It would also help to generate better relationships between the academia and industry leading towards more industry funding to academia and academia tilting more towards product oriented research..

The website looks pretty decent as of now, however all its categories include only bio stuff.. hopefully the guys will upgrade some pattern research also!!

Dgb in news again!

January 31, 2007

DGB Microsystems Snags $8.5M

Indian mobile firm receives funds from Clearstone and Sidhi to expand global reach.
January 25, 2007

DGB Microsystems attracts invt of $8.5mn

DGB Microsystems Attracts Investment
By CXOtoday Staff

`Made in India’ mobile soon
Mumbai, Jan 24, 2007